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pictures2words's Journal

An Art to Fic challenge community

Pictures to Words
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Art-Fic Comm where fan-art inspires fan-fic
Welcome to Pictures2Words, a different kind of Art-Fic Challenge!

The concept is simple, let's take the example of one of the big bang comms and flip it. Instead of a writer pouring out 20,000 words of fic for an artist to interpret, let's give the artists the chance to inspire the author.

For this second attempt, we will be opening the fandoms to include Supernatural, Leverage, White Collar and Justified, along with RPS from either show. Crossovers will be allowed, but only with these four shows.

Artists will be submitting a minimum of a cover image and an icon, however are encouraged to provide headers, divider bars, closing images, as they see fit. Bear in mind that the author's obligation will be 5000 words as a minimum. The art may include characters from the show or shows and the artist may have a story in mind while creating the art, but it is no guarantee that the author will see the same story. Just remember that the author has your image for inspiration...the more clear your picture, the more directly the art will bear on the story.

Artist sign ups will begin on August 1st and run through August 15th. The artist will have until September 10th to provide a rough draft from which the authors will claim their art and will begin their writing. Final drafts of all art will be due on October 10th.

Writer sign ups will begin on August 15th and run through September 1st. Writer's will receive their art on or around September 25th and they will have until November 1st to write a minimum of 5000 words. Rough drafts are due on November 1st, all fic must be final by November 15th. Posting will be staggered out starting on November 16th.

Remember, this challenge only works if you spread the word. Let your artist and author friends know!

Graphics for the pimping!

First up, from angstpuppy

Then, from davincis_girl

And, from darling_lisa

If you'd like to add graphics with the new fandoms, please email them to pictures2words@gmail.com

Journal layout is by milou_veronica.